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Dear investors,

This is the final list of the most voted people by you to form part of the Committee of Delegates that will meet with the Company.

If you haven't voted for one of these Delegates you can still vote for them and decide who will represent you in the meetings.

Best regards,

EMG Management

Convening Committee of Delegates from investors

March 10, 2012

The Evolution Market Group Inc Company with aiming of provide more reliable information to investors and wanting to join forces to recover their capital, announces the formation of a Committee of Delegates investors.

The next day March 17th this website will be open, calling for all Delegates wishing to propose themselves to do so. The deadline will be on 7 April 2012.

Delegates will be later on a list and each investor may choose who want to represent him/her, to ask his/her questions and to be reported about the process evolution.

The Company will meet physically in Spain with these Delegates and will collect proposed initiatives, answering questions and will put into action determined initiatives to be in the success we all seek.

Delegates have no direct connection with the Company, have no responsibility about what the company is doing and they are acting just as investors Delegates or outside reporters for all those who have chosen them.


The Management Company